Rules and Regulations


The following Rules and Regulations apply to all those who use the Rowing Centre Rotsee.


The Rules and Regulations govern:

  • Conduct in and around the Rowing Centre.
  • The togetherness and co-existence of the different users.
  • All those using the centre are to treat each other in a friendly, respectful and courteous manner,

  • Cleanliness and order is to be maintained in the Rowing Centre and on the entire premises;

  • Waste paper and rubbish is to be placed in the waste bins;

  • Out of consideration for other users as well as the local residents, music playing devices may only be set at low volume;

  • Smoking is forbidden throughout the building;

  • The changing rooms and showers must be kept clean at all times;

  • No training attire, towels etc. shall be left in the changing rooms, in the training room or in the halls;

  • It is important to ensure that all lights be turned off when leaving the rooms.

  • Eating in the changing and training rooms is not permitted;

  • Those responsible for damages of any kind bear liability.

These Rules and Regulations come into force on 01.05.2016 and replace those from 2012.


The Rotsee is a protected area which is reserved not only for rowers. Please ensure that the terms and conditions of use of this special recreation area are adhered to. In the “Terms of Use” menu, all the information you might need before your first training can be found or downloaded.