Rules on the Water


These Rules on the Water apply to training and regattas on the Rotsee. They comply with the Regulation on the Protection of the Rotsee and its shores of 30th April 2013.

As owners of the Rowing Centre, the Lucerne –Rotsee Rowing Centre Foundation is responsible for the enforcement of these regulations (Rules on the Water).


The Rules of the Water govern:

  • Conduct and safety on the water.
Authorisation for the Use of the Rotsee

According to the Regulation on the Protection of the Rotsee and its shores of 30th April 2013, the Rotsee may only be used for rowing training from May 1st until October 15th.

All members of the Swiss Rowing Association preparing for a national or an international regatta are entitled to train on the Rotsee.

Notice for any use must be submitted in advance to the Luzern-Rotsee Rowing Centre Foundation and is subject to charge. Squad sessions of the Swiss Rowing Association as well as training involving the three Lucerne rowing clubs are exceptions to this regulation.

For training purposes, international regatta teams can obtain the right to hospitality for a fee from the Lucerne-Rotsee Rowing Centre Foundation.

In order to counteract overuse of the Rotsee, its use for other sports is allowed in only exceptional cases and with the permission of the Lucerne-Rotsee Rowing Centre Foundation

Rules on the Water

Training on the Rotsee

To ensure safety, a buoy rope will be installed when the lake is in use for rowing from May 1st until October 15th for a clear delineation of the lanes. The Lucerne-Rotsee Rowing Centre Foundation is responsible for its installation.

Launching and docking boats is only allowed at the designated landing stages;

Rowing towards the start must be on the Rowing Centre side (south shore) and towards the finish, on the Sedel side (north shore). The distance to the shores must be at least 30 meters on both sides of the lake; generally, one orients oneself to the middle/buoy rope and not to the shore;

Crossing the lake is allowed only in the start zone or after the finish line. Only rowing in full lengths is permitted. Passing over the middle rope is generally forbidden;

In accordance with shipping regulations, the Rotsee ferry has right of way;

As soon as the regatta infrastructure is installed on the lake, the current traffic rules will be posted at the main entrance to the rowing centre;

Traffic rules outside official regatta training

Training ausserhalb Regatta

Traffic rules during official regatta training



Coaching is only allowed on the designated places at the boat storage (zone 1) and finish area (zone 2).

During the breeding season, consideration must be given to breeding waterfowl when choosing a site within coaching zones 1 + 2, as well as towards those fishing, especially in the area of "Jungfischerplatz"

Coachingzone 1

Coachingzone 2

The use of amplifiers (megaphones etc.) as well as cycling along the lakeside paths is generally forbidden.


The regatta organiser shall issue regatta-specific regulations.



Bathing in the lake, apart from the public baths in Ebikon-Rotsee, is generally forbidden.


The use of motorboats for training purposes in not permitted.

Teams which do not adhere to the Rules on the Water can be removed from the lake

The use of drones

The use of drones of any kind is prohibited due to nature conservation and the proximity to the Emmen military airfield.

These regulations (Rules on the Water) come into force on 01.05.2022 and replace the previous directives for rowing and training on the Rotsee from 01.05.2021.


The Rotsee is a protected area which is reserved not only for rowers. Please ensure that the terms and conditions of use of this special recreation area are adhered to. In the “Terms of Use” menu, all the information you might need before your first training can be found or downloaded.